The use of the highest quality paraffin and strict standards for its purity are key to the quality of a candle, which is our priority. Our paraffin is low in oil content.

On request, your candle can be enriched with fragrance.

Our candles meet all requirements for safe use indoors.

Flowers and Plants

Our inspiration is nature. We have developed our own method to dry plants, keeping the colors of flowers, grasses and leaves vivid.

The different Massja color lines are the result of carefully gathered and selected flowers. Special preparation processes allow us to keep their long-lasting vivid color. Our candles can create a warm atmosphere, but also be a perfect decorative elements in your home.

Bee wax

A unique natural wax with many beneficial properties. Beeswax is one of the most important bee product. Separated negative ions has positive effects to those suffering to upper respiratory tract, lung diseases, asthma and allergies. They stabilize blood pressure, raise the body’s efficiency, eliminate the smell of tobacco smoke and neutralize the radiation of electromagnetic devices.